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RE: SCA History

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Oh what a pot we stir up... sorry about all this. Vuong Manh writes:
> Myrcwuud was the first Barony in what is now Atlantia; Sita of Oudh was
> the Seneschal.  The second was Caer Mear -- my first Caer Mear event was
> in the reign of Aonghais II.  Tir-y-Don and Windmasters' Hill about tied
> -- I think Tir-y-Don was first...

Windmasters was... Tir-Y-Don didn't become a barony until 1981. I've
blanked on when any of the other three Carolina baronies were elevated
to that status.

> I believe Isenfir was next though it may have been only a Shire at
> first.

Has been ever since too. (I've heard that Norbjorn story.)

Opener of Cans of Worms (anybody got a MUCH larger can?)

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