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Re: SCA History

Poster: MHWag@aol.com

I have multiple dates for the founding of a couple of Baronies - Caer Mear
and Black Diamond.  
In Black Diamond's case, one source lists BD as a Barony around 1975-77, then
as a shire when Atlantia became Kingdom, but another gives the official
founding date as 1984.

I have one mention of Caer Mear becoming a Barony in 1975, as well as Master
Vuong Manh's memoirs, but then it's not listed with the Baronies of the
Principality, then I have another founding date as 1978.  
The Windmaster chronicles by Robin and Alura give Windmaster's official
Baronial birthday as 1977, very shortly after Atlantia became a Principality.
 Windmaster's is very proud of being the oldest surviving Atlantian Barony,
so if Caer Mear was originally an Eastern Barony, that would make sense.

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