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Budget of a Scribe (Long)

Poster: Me <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

>Let's say I wanted to give materials to a local scribe.  What do I
>give?  What brushes are used, what paints and inks are used?  What about
>pens and nibs?  How about paper?  Other supplies, like those
>egg-holder-looking things for paint?  How much does this stuff cost, and
>most importantly, where do I find it?
Is that an offer. Well lets think about this. (just in case:)
1. Brushes triple 0 or smaller (starts at about 3 bucks a brush)
2.Pens anything from felt tip to stylises. Nibs C5 to about C1 if I remember
about right mattering on hand,scroll layout,and style(prices for pens and
nibs varie greatly on quality and how they are sold)
3.Paper:Standard stuff I use and alot other use is bristol board which runs
you by size.(the size I buy can run 10 to 12 dollars for 20 sheets )
4.Ink:Any Indian ink though some use specific kinds but I spent about 2 to 4
dollars per container.(estimation need to dig up the reciept.)
5.Paint-Theres a couple different kinds I have seen used . I use Amourey and
Ralpartha cause they are cheap and because I am a begginer.(1.50 a bottle)
Though most use Gauche which can be as cheap as 50 cents on sale to about 12
or so for the brighter and more expensive kinds.
6.Gold Leaf-Theres the Cheap and the real stuff.(Though there may be grades
in between) They cheap stuff is about 8 bucks for 25 leaf packs and I heard
the 24 k stuff to go for 100 or so dollars.(4 dollars for a 4x4inch leaf!)
Gold leaf also needs adhesive which runs at 1.50 a bottle
7.Paint holders-I have seen shells used alot for this. I would love to get a
hold of some more of these when I convert to Gauche this summer.And these
are usally found and not bought . They make great gifts.

And your last question about where you find this stuff is any art store. I
have had a lot of problems finding gold leaf and adheisive cause alot dont
carry them in there stock. And just to give you an idea of cost to get
started. My first major shopping trip ran a bill at 
90 dollars. Then again I was going the budget and not so period route. But
hey its a game and not my major career:)
Myrddin of Ellesmere

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