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Re: SCA History - Black Diamond

Poster: Heather Swann <swannh@psi.com>

At 06:20 PM 10/24/97 -0400, Neil Maclay wrote:
>Poster: Neil Maclay <nmaclay@psi.prc.com>
>Who is still around who remembers the first intra-kingdom
>war in Atlantia? If I remember right it was between Storvik
>and Black Diamond. Black Diamonders started making remarks
>about "Northern Black Diamond" and Storvikis were heard 
>muttering about "Storvik's southern regeons". A war was
>obviously necessary.

I remember that was in the days when a word-of-mouth fighting practice
could decimate an event held in Isenfir or Black Diamond.  Rough times
indeed.  At that time at least, Isenfir's budget came out of the
seneschale's pocket- I don't know if Black Diamond's did or not, but it was
a hot topic of the time.
>I forget what we called the war but it had a name. Does anyone
>remember it? I believe that Sir Gnarlic was ruling Atlantia at
>the time. The war was held on a farm in the mountains of Black
>Diamond. The sides were uneven as to numbers. A force of 14 
>faced of against an army of 23. We (the Storviki) surounded
>our enemy and crushed them. We were the 14. We of course had
>the advantage of practicing melees together while the forces
>with Black Diamond had come from all over the Kingdom and
>from Merides and had no opportunity to practice tactics.

I was thinking it was the first Tax Assessments....
>Well enough maunderings from the aging and demented mind of -
>	Malcolm MacMalcolm
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