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Tomorrow Night: Storviki Scriptorum

Tomorrow night,, October 28th, Storvik will hold its monthly Scriptorum.  We 
will be making bookmarks using the "dots" method of Celtic knotwork.  If 
you've never done this before, don't worry -- I'll have lots of blanks and 
good erasers!  (To help me gauge how many blanks to make, it would help if 
you could e-mail me that you're coming.  But if you don't, feel free to drop 
in anyway, I'll have extras.)

The meeting will be held at Her Excellency Brenna's house and will begin
about 7:30 (mundane time, not SCA time).

Please contact me directly if you need directions.

Hoping to see you there...

Caitlin Cheannlaidir,
by grace of their Excellencies MOAS Storvik