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Re: SCA History - Black Diamond

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Scripsit Nils in re: Assessment...
> As for the war Malcolm asks about, it was Assessment Battles I.  It was held
> the summer of 1984 when Knarlic and Alexis were Crown Prince & Princess.
> Yes, we declared war on Storvik and were soundly beaten.  The second year we
> recruited allies in our struggle against the Storviki oppressors (mostly
> Windmasters' Hill), but still did not win.  The third time is the charm, so
> they say, and we *finally* beat Storvik in Assessment Battles III.
> (Miracles do happen.)
> It was after we had our confidence bolstered by that victory that we
> declared war on a *real* powerhouse:  The Shire of Isenfir!  (But they stole
> one of our mountains, honestly!)

And Mistress Veleda wrote a piece about that too... "We Don't Have an Army
But We Do Have a Bard." Virtue, indeed.


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