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Re: SCA History - Black Diamond

Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.virginia.edu>

> Poster: "C.J. Schaffer" <cjschaff@ix.netcom.com>
> It was after we had our confidence bolstered by that victory that we
> declared war on a *real* powerhouse:  The Shire of Isenfir!  (But they stole
> one of our mountains, honestly!)
   Imprimis, Afton Mountain was originally Isenfir's.

   Secundus, Assuming it weren't, it's still right where you left it!

   Tertius, Assuming that you had a valid claim to it, after this long 
     we figure your claim to be void and title reverts (although if you
     want to pay for storage, we might be willing to deal... :-)

   And anyway, you stole our sheep!!!

> Nils, former seneschal of Black Diamond, who is wondering how many non-Black
> Diamonders really care about all this BD history that's been on the Merry
> Rose lately...
   Well I've kinda enjoyed it, but then I'm a long-time next-door
neighbor...  :-)

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