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Re: SCA History - Salt Wars

Poster: Heather Swann <swannh@relay1.mail.herndon.psi.com>

At 11:47 AM 10/28/97 -0500, Neil Maclay wrote:
>Poster: Neil Maclay <nmaclay@psi.prc.com>
>>       Correction to the history of Salt/Walt Wars. The first was held 
>>at Kings Mountain State Park NC/SC in 1982. The second was in Georgia, 
>>just south of Fort Stewart, I believe. I remember the long car ride. I 
>>was at both and have pictures of both events. 
>>                           Majilique 
>I believe that you may be right about the second Salt Wars which
>I did not get to. But the first was not at Kings Mountain. To get
>to that war we drove down I-81 almost to Bristal TN and headed west
>into the mountains. There was a crown Tourney that was held at
>Kings Mountain and I beleive that it was in 1982. Could this be
>the event that you remember?
>Does anyone have records that they can check. Memories, mine and
>others, are an unreliable source for history, specially when consulted
>more that 10 years after. I see that Lady Alesia is listed as
>Kingdom Archivist. I wonder if she could be persuded to clarify
>the our accounts of Atlantia's history.
>	Malcolm MacMalcolm
IIRC, the second Salt War (called Border War) was at King's Mt.  I remember
because we drove all the way from Isenfir late at night, and there was so
much water on the road at one point that I got teased mercilessly by my
companions for driving through a lake!  Isenfir also fielded a bunch of
combat archers, each with five carefully rationed arrows, and we kept
killing Duke Sir John Bearkiller!  The other side had trash can sized
quivers full of arrows, but they couldn't shoot for beans!!!  Bearkiller
finally decided to marshal because he was tired of getting killed in the
first five minutes by #%^$*^@W!!  archers.  We were so proud- after all,
five arrows apiece had been all we could afford to make.  And I wore
Landi's old freon can helm as an archer.

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