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Sailing shoes?

Poster: "J.M.D'Agostino-Toney" <LongshipCo@compuserve.com>

>>>>Did Vikings go barefoot aboard ship, as English and American sailors
did before rubber soles came along?<<<<

Does anyone have a copy of Bauyex Tapestry photos handy? Does any of it
show what the soldiers debarking from the ships had on thier feet? The
Tapestry is pretty accurate about what tools, clothing, armory, etc. was
used at the time.

I do hope some of you will accept the invitation from the Longship Company
to come sailing with us the day after Dun Carrigh's investiture. If it's
not rainy, fall voyages are about the best - harbor isn't too crowded,
weather's cool enough for rowing, if there hasn't been a storm, the colors
of trees along the shore are gorgeous. And being in a 9th Century warship
is just lots of fun!

                                        Ana Illevna
                                        Longship Company Trustee

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