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Re: Delinquent quarterly reports

Poster: "C.J. Schaffer" <cjschaff@ix.netcom.com>

Phillip, reports that are due three times a year are "tri-mesterly" reports.
"Quarterly" reports are due (since the dawn of mathematics, at least) each
quarter: 4 times a year.

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Poster: Phillip Jones <jonesj@FTC-I.NET>

Hate to quibble with beauty, but I have to address this:

>Quarterly reports are due (and have been due since the dawn of time) 4
>a year.

Afraid not. Some reports are due only 3 times a year, but became "quarterly"
reports only in 1988, when the postal rates increased from .22. WAY back in
the old days the reports cost only .02 to mail--thus "putting in my 2 cents

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