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Re: Delinquent quarterly reports

Poster: Heather Swann <swannh@psi.com>

>Landi wrote:
>>   By the way, apologies to anyone I may have offended.  I make
>>no secret of my dislike for the (as I see it) overly bureaucratic, 
>>heavy-handed, top-down *system* of the SCA, Inc., but I have only 
>>respect for the individuals actually *doing* the jobs...
>>   (Incidentally, Corun, in my twenty-couple years of hanging around
>>the Society, I've come to realize that I have little talent to do,
>>less talent to lead others, and (obviously! :-) insufficient patience
>>to shuffle paperwork.  So suggestions would be welcome in terms of 
>>"...think about what you could have done to help prevent the group 
>>from folding.")
>Well, if it was your group that was in danger of folding, and you read the
>letters of various Kingdom Officers complaining that your group's officers
>were two quarters late in their reports and that the group was in danger of
>being dismantled, then you, as an active member of the group, could step
>forward to offer some assistance, even if it's only to cajol them into
>doing the report on time so you and the rest of your group didn't have to
>go play someplace else. And if, as you say, you have no talent to do and
>less patience to shuffle paperwork, then the best thing you can do is stay
>out of the way, up to and including making snide public announcements that
>insult and offend. Like the bumper sticker says, "Lead, follow or get out
>of the way."
>The fact is, Landi, your original post was sarcastic and snide. 
>Gov't could effectively disband the SCA by removing the tax-exempt status.
>This action could easily have the affect of causing us to increase the
>amount of money we charge for membership. Or, worse, to force us to exclude
>anyone but paying members from events. At that point the sheer number of
>people who would head for the hills would certainly mean the demise of the
>SCA as we know it.

I think this is something that is not generally discussed, and having been
said now by several folks, many people probably understand it better now....
>So, we deal with the rules. We file our reports. And those who don't
>undertake the chore lose nothing in the process, and have no business
>exhorting the rest of us or condeming the system by which we chose to
>abide. Just ignore it, Landi. No one's going to kick you out or blame you
>because you don't like it but have no interest in becoming involved enough
>to change it. But there's more to the SCA than just "hanging around" in it.
>Much more.
>In service,
I believe he knows there is much more to it than 'hanging around', Corun.
I don't want to get in a flame exchange with you here, so please understand
I mean you no insult and I respect your work.  I just want to make it clear
that the Honourable Lord Landi has always done more than his share to be
helpful and put in years of work.  Like any Viking, he's just allergic to
bureaucracy! ;)   I can tell you this as a former autocrat, MoA&S,
Exchequer, and Seneschale of Isenfir (among other things).  I believe what
we have here is perhaps some poor phrasing on Landi's part combined with
the problem of not being able to hear the nuance of a vocal tone when
reading email.  I am sure he meant no disrespect either to you, or the
other officers who have responded to this discussion, and I think this
discussion has actually brought out some really helpful points about how
reports are used.  It certainly has for me.  Back when I was an A&S
officer, I used to wonder why the heck I was sending in reports.  For the
most part, I got no response to them, and so they seemed a waste of time
(this was over a decade ago).  I'm glad to see folks have changed that, and
that the info is actually being used in some way.  :)

Anyway, I just meant to say thanks for explaining the purpose of reports,
and to defend what I figure is a misunderstanding of how Landi meant what
he said.


The Surreal this month......
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