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Re: TI Editor's Letter

Poster: "Julia Windsor" <julia_windsor@hotmail.com>

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To: atlantia@adm.csc.ncsu.edu
From: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>
Subject: TI Editor's Letter
Date: Wed,  5 Nov 97 20:43:06 EST
Reply-To: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

Poster: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

><grin>  On that subject, is there anyone else out there who is tired of 
>TI Editor's Letter being entirely about her family life and child?

Actually, I enjoy them, especially when she relates cute kid stuff to
farther-reaching SCA stuff.  But then, I'm in Mommy mode and probably
wouldn't enjoy them so much if they didn't strike that chord.....

Lady Kat

I'm not in mommy mode, not now, not ever. BUT, I do enjoy the letters. 
If you're not enjoying the letters, you don't have to read them.

              Lady Julia Windsor 
     Baronial Persuivant, Windmasters' Hill
Argent, a portcullis and chief embattled azure.

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