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Re: FW: Humor/E-Mail Virus Warning

Poster: Pamela Ambrose <pambrose@wam.umd.edu>

Good gentles,

Though the referenced post dealeth with mundane technologies we
are all subjected to, is it appropriate?

Recalling a former thread of great length dealing with those
who may take such warnings seriously brings more of a groan
of disdain than a humorous chuckle.  Though hopefully this
compilation of extreme examples is likely to show the ridiculous
nature of believing such warnings, I would've rather seen something
that actually related itself to period or recreation thereof.

Perhaps titling it "Black Death strikes through Internet"
and giving a few examples only appreciable to those of this
gathering like: "It will cause all of your foam padding to shrink 
or harden, resulting in unexpected ouchiness in battle" or
"It will further cause all of your duct tape to melt"

Just a few thoughts prompted by the fact that most posts I've
seen lately have focused more on administrative comments,
people complaining about just about everything, and included
remarkably few things even giving a pretense of period style.  
Not that any of the above don't belong (what would I
know?), I just miss reading things scribed in persona.

					-Pamela the mundane lurker

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