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New, improved Ad'E web site

Poster: "Michael J. Lonski" <mlonski@aclltd.com>

Greetings everyone from Aedan,

You probably didn't notice, so rapid was it done, but the Academie
d'Espee web site concerning rapier combat here in Atlantia, has
been totally renovated.  The halls have been vastly expanded with
multiple wings to organize the chaos and many new articles on
rapier-related topics await your perusal.  I've even opened an
"office" at the bottom of the page to list ongoing projects and
new additions.

I hope that you enjoy your visit.  Please leave a short missive
with any comments or suggestions you may have.

Thank your for your attention...

Lord Aedan Aylwyn, Provost             Seneschal
CWSA, CGD, CST, KAE, Undine            Barony of Caer Mear
Champion to HRM Arielle the Golden     Kingdom of Atlantia
Web: http://www.aclltd.com/~academie   Email: mlonski@aclltd.com
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