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Fw: [EK] FW: Caterina del Cavallo

Poster: "Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

For those who knew her, my sincerest sympathies and to her family my prayers


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From: Ireland-Delfs,Orilee J <Orilee_J_Ireland-Delfs@wb.xerox.com>
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Date: Tuesday, November 18, 1997 8:22 AM
Subject: [EK] FW: Caterina del Cavallo

>-Poster: "Ireland-Delfs,Orilee J" <Orilee_J_Ireland-Delfs@wb.xerox.com>
>From: Andrew Biel
>To: sca-aethelmearc@andrew.cmu.edu
>Subject: Caterina del Cavallo
>Date: Monday, November 17, 1997 9:35AM
>Baron Daniel del Cavallo posted this to the Rialto this morning.  
> Caterina is the newest Jewel of AEthelmearc.
> unexpected and terrible rapidity, Marjorie Ann Brown (Lady
> del Cavallo) breathed her last on the evening of November
>14th at 
> 11:14PM.  She was a victim of lung cancer.  She was 
> 49.
>There will be a brief service (an hour or so) for 
> family and friends
>at Marge's family church on Saturday, Nov. 22 at 
> 1PM.  Arwen (her
>daughter, for those of you who may not know her) and 
> I thought it
>would be best if the party Marge wanted happened at a 
> later date.  We
>will, however, round up all who want to participate, 
> and go out for
>snacks and drinks afterward to trade stories and 
> memories, etc....
>The church is;
>First United Methodist Church
> W. Embargo St.
>Rome, NY 13440
>(315) 336-1740
>Exit the 
> NYS Thruway at exit 33 (Verona/Rome) and take Rt. 365 East
>and FOLLOW 
> SIGNS for Downtown Rome. Continue with the IN ROME 
> section
>Exit the NYS Thruway at exit 32 
> (Westmoreland).  Take Rt. 233 North
>and FOLLOW SIGNS into downtown 
> Rome.  You'll pass under a large
>bridge, curve around to your left, 
> and there will be an on-ramp to
>your left. Take it.  This on-ramp 
> leads immediately to an off ramp
>curving to your right.  Take it.  
> This will be what happens if you
>diligently follow the signs for 
> downtown Rome. Continue with the IN
>ROME section below.
>You'll go over a large bridge and descend into Rome, and be 
> heading
>straight toward Fort Stanwix - a large Rev-War fort.  Stay on 
> Erie
>Blvd (the road will veer left through some stop lights.)  Take a 
> Right
>onto N. George St (just a block or so from the curve.)  Go up 
> 4
>blocks.  It's a red brick church on the right on the corner of 
> George
>and Embargo.
>Questions have arisen regarding where 
> to send flowers.  You can all
>imagine how Marge would have felt about 
> this.  In fact, she asked that
>rather than send flowers, that you 
> spend the money more wisely by
>sending donations in her name to the 
> Hospice facility that made her
>last days more bearable.
>Hospice Care 
> Inc.
>Middle Settlement Rd.
>New Hartford, NY  13413
> 735-6484
>Checks Payable to Hospice Care, Inc.
> apologies to any who were recently added to the mailing list, and
> just getting the news.  Apologies also to any who should be on
> list and just aren't because I don't have your e-mail address.
> copy this message and forward it to anyone you think needs to
>see it 
> who I have not included in the list.  Feel free to print it 
> and
>distribute it for the benefit of those who are net challenged.  
> Thank
>  You can all
>imagine how Marge would have felt 
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