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November heraldry kingdom acceptances and returns

Poster: TritonHrld@aol.com

The following items were forwarded to Laurel by Golden Dolphin at his
November meeting.  The full text of these acceptances may be found at

Alan of Gravesend - new device
Per fess argent and vert, three falcons rising, wings elevated and addorsed.

Alizaunder Haukes - new name and device
Per pale vert and sable, three hawks striking, those in chief respectant,

Antonio Galileo da Milano - new device
Purpure, an angel displayed and armored argent, haloed Or, holding a sword
inverted sable, on a chief Or three crosses crosslet fitchy purpure.

Caia Snowden - new name and device
Azure vetu ploye ermine, a crescent argent

Ciar MacLachlainn - new name
Submitted as Ciar MacLachlan, we have placed the byname in the Gaelic form

Hans Van Hoorn - new device
Per fess gules and azure, a fess Or between a baker's peel charged with three
manchets gules and a ship's wheel argent.

Isabella Benalcazar - new badge
(Fieldless) A rastrillo azure.

Kai Qwythwolf - name change from Gregor Arnulf der Wanderer

Kathleen MacCormick - new name

Lucy Rose Falconer - new name

Pavla Dmitrovna - device resubmission
Per pale vert and argent, three hawks migrant counterchanged

Rodrigo de Falcone - new name

Ulfhethinn Thrainsson - new name and device
Argent, a wolf rampant contourny sable, four wolf's teeth issuing from

Ulrich Leber - new name


Alesia Gillefalyn - new household name
House Wylde Rose - This is being returned for conflict with the Order of the
Rose.  While adding an adjective would ordinarily provide sufficient
difference, a few orders are sufficiently important that more difference is
needed.  This is one of them.

Borulf inn Stoneheart Thorsledgejars - new name and device
Per bend gules and sable, a bend between a wolf's head erased and a Thor's
hammer argent.
I am returning this because I am unable to document the name, and there was
no information on the forms to help me out.  The name is Old Norse by all
appearances, but I cannot document the names in that context.

Cenn Faelad MacTaggart - name change from Akilah of Seareach
Cenn Faelad is found in O'Corrain and Maguire, p. 49
MacTaggart is found in Woulfe, p. 317-318 under Mac an tSagairt as an
anglicized form.  This appears to combine Gaelic and English orthography in a
manner which has been consistently returned of late.

Ciar MacLachlainn - new device
Sable, a maunch argent - This conflicts with 'Per fess argent ermined gules
and gules, in base a maunch argent', Barony of Fettburg, for their Order
d'Elegance.  There is on CD for the change to the field, but as the movement
of the maunh to base is forced by the field, no difference can be derived
from that movement.

Gisele lOrpheline - new device
Per chevron azure and Or, in pale an antelope courant Or and a turtle rampant
vert, a bordure counterchanged. - I am returning this because I can find no
evidence that hte name has been registered or is in submission.

Gisele lOrpheline - new badge
(Fieldless) A turtle rampant vert - I am returning this because I can find no
evidence that the name has been registered or is in submission.  In addition,
it conflicts with 'Or, a turtle rampant vert', Iason Vorax.  There is one CD
for the field, the designs are otherwise identical.

Jujika Kissaki - new name
The submitter asserts that Jujika means "Cross of Christ" and Kissaki means
"point of a sword".  However, this does not make the words names as used in
Japanese naming practice.  As far aas I have been yet able to determine, this
does not follow documentable Japanese naming practice.

Matsudaria Kentarou Toshiyori - new device
Quarterly azure and argent, a bear's paw print sable - This conflicts with
'(Fieldless) a cat's pawprint sable', Antonietta Zampa del Gatto.  There is
one CD for the field, but no difference can be counted for the type of paw

Rodrigo de Falcone - new device
Paly argent and vert, on a bend sable fimbriated Or, three falcons striking
contourny argent. - This is being returned for a redraw.  The bend as drawn
has the upper edge issuing from the corner.  The bend should be drawn with
its center in the corner of the shielf.  In addition, the drawing has four
pallets.  It would be better drawn with eight stripes to be paly.

Stefano Trotta - new device
Per fess Or and azure, two bends argent, overall an eagle per fess azure and
Or. - I am returning this for a redraw.  The eagle as drawn is barely
overall.  It should fill the shield.  The design would be improved greatly by
making the bendlets overall, however, if properly drawn, it should be
registerable as is.

Thelyn of Thanet - new name and device
Per chevron wavy argent ermined azure and azure, a sword inverted proper
surmounted by a sun Or.
Thelyn is said to be Welsh for harp.  Unfortunately, that does not make it a
given name, and I cannot document it as a given name.  Thus, I must return
the name.  In addition, I must return the device because there is now no name
to go with it, and I do not have the privilege of creating holding names.


Barbecan Broussard - new name
I am pending this for a month to pull together documentation on the given

Borgar the Bright - new name and device
Gules, on a pale rayonny Or three towers sable - I have been unable to
document the given name.  However, I am pending this to dig a bit deeper.  No
conflicts found on the device.

Jason Kinslayer - new name and device
Checky azure and Or, on a chevron gules fimbriated sable three standing
balances Or.  Jason is the name of the Greek adventurer.  Kinslayer is a
likely anglicization of an Old Norse epithet.  The intended coloration of the
device is a bit unclear.  I am pending this in order to get guidance from the
submitter on the precise form intended.

Marion von Rapp - new name
Marion is found in Withycombe, p. 209, dated to 1379 in this spelling.
 However, I'd like to find it in a German context to place it with the
byname.  I was unable to document the byname, but did not have the resources
at hand to comfortably return the name.  Therefore, I am pending this one
month for further research.

Snaeulf Skogrinnsson - name and device change from Ross Blackwood
Vert, on a plate a tree eradicated sable, on a base argent a wolf statant
The previous device is identical save for the wolf.  I pended this because
the forms were unclear on which byname was to be submitted.  Skogrimmsson or
Hrolfsson.  A conversation with Argent Snail revealed that Hrolfsson is the
registerable form.  No action by the submitter is required.  However, note
that when submitting a name change, the new name is the one that should be in
the block for "SCA name".  I will take care of fixing up the paperwork.

That's all for November!

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