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Re: Hello...

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Fionna Neal wrote:
> Poster: "Fionna Neal" <fionna7@hotmail.com>
> I am new to this kingdom...
> My name is Fionna and I just wanted to introduce myself.  I've only just
> started to go through the information concerning the SCA but I am really
> looking forward to interacting with you all.
> So, Hello!
> -Fionna Niall
> (Jennifer Neal)

Welcome to our Kingdom!

You neglected to tell us what part of our kingdom you live in M'lady.
If you haven't figured it out yet, we are VA, NC, SC, MD and Augusta,
GA. There are any number of groups waiting to assimilate you...

Knowing where might help us a bit. Also a short Bio might help too,
it doesn't sound like you are Old SCA yet, but we get a lot of imports
looking to upgrade a bit. :)

M. Magnus Malleus, Elvegast (Raleigh), Windmasters' Hill (Central NC),
      and of course - The Great Dark Horde 
       (Corun does Moritu, we do Classic!) :-)
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