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Re: Hello...

Poster: Denise McMahon <denise@access.digex.net>

James and/or Nancy Gilly wrote:
> My, what a peculiar notion....
> Alasdair mac Iain
> Seneschal of Marinus, the second finest (second to none, that is) Barony in
> Atlantia

Oh my! <invoke humor mode here>

I tend to think of all the baronies and shires, as we said in our petition to
become a barony when we were at Dun Carraig's last event, as the Jewels in the
Crown of Atlantia. All of them being very fine and particularly dazzling when
viewed together. 

Let us not go down this road of which barony is finest. It's a holiday week
and the festivities are fast approaching. Shouldn't we all be out hunting or something?

-Rowan Berran
Seneschale of Stierbach
Chief Cat Herder
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