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Upcoming History Programs of Interest

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Upcoming Television Programs of interest...

You may however, post to any other SCA list...

HC = History Channel, TLC = Learning Channel
DSC = Discovery Channel, AAE = Arts & Entertainment


NOVEMBER *******

29 - Sat
 HC Charles I / History Makers 11am - noon
 HC Decisive Weapons - probably Longbow 4-5pm
 HC Samurai / Warrior Traditons 8-9pm, 12m-1am
 HC Shogun /     “       “      9-10pm, 1-2am

30 Sunday
 TLC Science Frontiers - 1715 Treasure Fleet, and
    Roman treasure found in England 2-2:30pm
    1733 Florida Galleon 2:30-3pm

DECEMBER ********** 

1 Mon
 HC Scourge of the Black Death 
    8-9pm, 12M-1am, 4-5am

2 Tues
 HC Pirate Ships / Great Ships 10-11pm, 2-3am

5 Friday 
 HC Borgias / In Search of History 
    8-9pm, M-1am, 4-5am
 AAE Grand Tour / Romantic Palaces of Venice 
    10-11pm, 2-3am

6 Saturday
 HC History Makers - Julius Caesar 11-N

7 Sunday
 AAE Breakfast with the Arts Coventry Carols
    Kiri te Kanawa + choirs of Coventry and Litchfield
    Cathedrals + the BBC Orchestra 9-10:30am
 AAE Story of Magic from the Anc. Egyptians to the 
    Golden Age of Europes master illusionists, includes
    witches, medicine men, sorcerers, and shamans.
    Centuries of Deception 8-10pm, 12M-2am 

8 Monday
 HC In Search of the Trojan War
   Age of Heroes 1-2pm, 6-7pm, 5-6am

9 Tuesday
 HC In Search of the Trojan War
   Legend under Siege, 1-2pm, 6-7pm, 5-6am

10 Wednesday
 HC In Search of the Trojan War
   Women of Troy 1-2pm, 6-7pm, 5-6am
 HC I.S.O.H. Romes Eternal Wonders / Architecture
   8-9pm, M-1am

11 Thursday
 HC In Search of the Trojan War
   Fall of Troy, 1-2pm, 6-7pm, 5-6am
 HC I.S.O.H. The Pirates’ Lost City
   Port Royal 8-9pm, M-1am

12 Friday
 AAE Story of Magic / Centuries of Deception
    9-11pm, 1-3am
 HC Flames of War, Englands Civil War
   1-2pm, 6-7pm, 5-6am

13 Saturday 
 HC History Makers - Trojan War 11am-N

14 Sunday
 DSC Glassblowing with David Chihuly, 
     world’s best glassblower 12N-12:30pm
 HC  History of Christmas 8-9pm, M-1
 HC  Seven Wonders of the World 9-11pm, 1-3am

15 Monday
 HC Sharpe’s Rifles - 10am-N, 3-5pm
16 Tuesday
 HC Sharpe’s Eagle - 10am-N, 3-5pm
 HC Lost World of the Etruscans 
    8-9pm, M-1am, 4-5am

17 Wednesday
 HC Sharpe’s Company - 10am-N, 3-5pm

18 Thursday
 HC Knights and Armor part 1 Classroom 8-9am
 DSC Interior Motives - Gothic Style 3-4pm
 HC Sharpe’s Enemy - 10am-N, 3-5pm

19 Friday 
 HC Knights and Armor Part 2, Classroom 8-9am
 HC Sharpe’s Honor - 10am-N, 3-5pm

20 Saturday
 HC Sharpe’s Honour - 6-8am
 HC 7 Wonders of the World 4-6pm

22 Monday
 AAE Christopher Columbus, Exp. of New World 7-8am
 HC  I.S.O.H. Holy Grail 8-9pm, M-1am, 4-5am

23 Tuesday
 HC I.S.O.H. Catacombs of Rome 8-9pm, M-1am, 4-5am
 HC The Great Ships - Galleons 10-11pm, 2-3am

24 Wednesday
 AAE Biography - Leonardo Da Vinci, Renn. Master
    8-9pm, M-1am
 HC History of Christmas 2-3pm
 TLC Hunt for Amazing Treasures / Spanish Treasure
    Galleon Maravilla 8-8:30pm, 11-11:30pm
 HC I.S.O.H. The Holy Lance 8-9pm, M-1am, 4-5am

25 Thurs
 AAE Kiri te Kanawa’s Coventry Carols 7-8am
 HC  History of Christmas 8-9pm, M-1, 4-5am

26 Friday
 AAE Dalai Lama, Soul of Tibet 8-9pm, 12-1am

27 Saturday
 HC Private Life of Henry VIII, 1933, 6-8 am

28 Sunday
 AAE Before Their Time - Ancient Technology, Anc. 
     Myst. 6-8pm
 AAE Sea Tales - The Witch and the Pirate Prince
    Tale of the Whydah, the ship that sank in the 18th
    Century with 400M$ of gold, silver, ivory, jewels
 DSC Secrets of the Warriors Power, martial arts 
     teaching, practice, ritual. 10-11pm, 2-3am
 HC  Knights And Armor **** 9-11pm, 1-3am

29 Monday 
 DSC Wild Discovery - Yak of Tibet 8-9pm, M-1am
     (Because of the Horde members)
 HC  Three Musketeers, as below, 3-5:30pm

30 Wednesday 
 HC Three Musketeers, O.Reed, M.York 10am-12:30pm

31 Wednesday
 AAE Biog.- Nostrdamus, prophet of doom 8-9pm, M-1am
     (When else but the new year! They look ahead!)
NOT TO BE POSTED TO THE RIALTO, however you may post to
your kingdom lists, 

Merry Christmas from:

Master Magnus Malleus, Atlantia and the Great Dark Horde
and his Lady Anne de Silva

Enjoy your Holidays!

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