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Twlfth Night Reservation Status

Poster: Barbara Bilodeau <carthew@mindspring.com>

Good gentles of the Merry Rose, I crave your attention this groggy
Sunday morning. Thinking beyond the next cup of caffeine is a hard thing
on a morning like this, isnít it?  Nonetheless, I feel I must call
something to your attention:  I, the autocrat for the Kingdom Twelfth
Night, have at this moment received  230 paid on-board reservations. 
The limit is 320.  Given the number of people who have called with the
statement "the check is in the mail," I expect this last 90 to go very

So, a few words of advice for those still planning to attend and plea
for assistance:
1.  Remember that "the only good reservation is a *paid* reservation." 
Iím entering the reservations into "the list" in the order I receive the
payment.  The phone messages Iíve received saying "the check is in the
mail but I want to be on the list!" .... those folks *still* arenít on
the list until I have the check in hand. Sadly, some of those folks
havenít left me a  phone number, so I canít return the call and tell
them to mail the check *now* not "in a week or so" :(

2.  If you mail me a check from this point on, please be sure it
includes information on how I should 
a)  contact you (i.e., preferably email address since its free, but
otherwise an address or phone number.  SASEs are always nice!) and 
b)  deal with your check if it arrive after weíre sold out (i.e. keep
your check, put you off-board and refund the cost difference at troll
ĖorĖ return the check to you and await your decision).

If a gentle cannot attend after having paid for a reservation, I will
refund the money if I have received notification by 7pm the day before
(January 2nd).  I will keep a small for on-board space "waiting list"
for these seats.  However, I do not plan to declare anyone a "no show"
on the day of the event Ė it would be kind of hard to do so, when the
feast starts early and lasts late.  Thus, the waiting list will be
rather small, aimed only at reselling the seats of those who notify me
ahead of time.  

Lady Winifred has a great feast planned, and you wonít want to miss it,
so I hope this information helps.  If you have any questions, feel free
to respond privately to this message!

At your service,
Lady Anne of Carthew
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