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Re: Savory toasted cheese

Poster: "Julia Windsor" <julia_windsor@hotmail.com>

>I use about equal parts brie and cream cheese (remember to peel the 
>thoroughly) and a little less butter - maybe 1/2# of each of the first
>two and 1/3# of butter?  (Everyone has their own proportions)
>Cream all three together over low heat (a double boiler might work!),
>whisking until smooth.
>Pour over a pan of hot veggies and throw in the oven long enough to
>toast the top (Digbie scorches his with a hot iron from the fire....)
>In Digbie, he mentions 'sparages' in the recipe, and that you can serve
>it on sops (little toast bits).  I like asparagus when I can afford it
>(frozen will work, but drain it well and don't overcook it!) and
>broccoli is great because the florets hold a lot of cheese.  I've even
>seen it done with mushrooms.  Digbie also suggests that you can add
>bacon (which is probably equivalent to modern ham).  As far as
>seasoning, a little white pepper is usually all it needs....
The bacon you mention is in fact bacon. It looks like a flattened 
porkchop, but tastes just like what we are used to. If you want to add 
bacon as suggested, use bacon not ham.


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