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Stolen fencing gear

Poster: Dylan <dylan@netaxs.com>

This happened in Philadelphia/Bhakail (East Kingdom).  Genevra asked me to
pass this along since we're close enough to Atlantia that you fine folk
might come across it.

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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 16:54:08 -0500
From: Samantha Segaram M Segaram <genevra1676@juno.com>
To: bhakail@dolphin.upenn.edu
Subject: Stolen fencing gear


I have sad new to relay. Last Tuesday Andre's fencing bag was stolen out
of his car at Delaware Ave. Inside the bag was: 1 schlager with wooden
scabbard and leather belt assembly, 2-3 epees, 1 flexi-dagger, 2 cloaks,
1 metal gorget, 1 pair black leather gloves, and numerous smaller items.
It is possible that the thieves may either dump the stuff or try to sell
them at a pawn shop, flea market, etc. If anyone should come across any
of this stuff, please contact me either by phone at (215) 417-8573 (ask
for Samantha) or by e-mail. We would greatly appreciate it if any of
these items can be found. Thank you very much.

Genevra d'Angouleme

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