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Leaving the List

Poster: Dan Mackison & Hilda Jarvis <danm@globalfrontiers.com>

If anyone sent my lady or I mail to which we have not replied, please
send it again.

Today, I deleted 250 unread e-mail messages. I fear I have deleted more
than I should but could not read each message. I have also cancelled my
subscription to the Merry Rose until I get the bulk of letters I receive
each day under control. 

I have enjoyed the gems I have found among the chatter and look forward
to hearing from you in the future.

Dan Mackison/Thomas MacFinn
| Dan Mackison                           | Occasionally   |
| dan.mackison@pobox.com                 | known as       |
| http://www.geocities.com/~swashbuckler/| Thomas MacFinn |
+----------------------------------------+ and            |
| Hilda Jarvis                           | Vicountess     |
| hilda.jarvis@pobox.com                 | Vincetta       |
| http://www.geocities.com/Paris/6400/   | duJarvain      |

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