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Re: leaving the list

Poster: Dan Mackison & Hilda Jarvis <danm@globalfrontiers.com>

Beverly Robinson-Curry wrote:
> 250 messages?  Are you on more than one list?  I receive maybe 25 per day
> from the Atlantian list...  (But the SCA heralds list will kill ya!)
> Rhiannon

The event that really kicked the decision off was Thanksgiving. I drove
to Louisville, KY from Greenville, NC to meet my father at my
grandmother's house (My father's home is near Indianapolis). A full day
after I got there, I called my father and was told "Didn't you get my

25 messages per day is 175 messages per week, 750 per month FROM THE
LIST ALONE. Add to that intentional junk mail and personal
correspondence with people who want to talk to just us. After 6 months
on the list
(and approx 4,500 messages from the list by your estimate) its amazing I
had read (or at least skimmed) all but 250.

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