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The search continues ... Still

Poster: "Porter, Timothy W." <Porter@alhrm.brooks.af.mil>

... "No, kind sir," Cedric hastens to interrupt, "it is not a duel I seek, 
but information.  I am looking for the means to gain access to a meeting 
place for those who practice the graceful art of fence.  I have tacked a 
short message up to some wall in town, but have received nothing in 
response.  I do believe that I did not have the correct place."

To which the stranger answers with no small measure of relief (for if it be 
known, Cedric also carries a rapier with a well worn handle and a confident 
walk that would lead the most astute observers to conclude that he can 
handle himself fairly well when necessary), "Certainly my kind sir, let me 
addres the assembled patrons and see if one of them will have the honor of 
offering assistance ...."

The unnamed gentleman leaps to the bar and announces to the entire tavern 
Cedric's request.  At once people from all over begin welcoming Cedric and 
giving him information.  Cedric blushes slightly with pleasure at this 
unexpected outpouring of aid and waits for the clamor to die down.

He replaces the well dressed gentleman on the bar so that all may hear (and 
so that he can get a better look at those he is addressing).  Cedric pauses 
for a moment to admire the many beautiful ladies in the tavern and take 
stock of the impressive, confident gentleman.  Finally Cedric addresses the 
crowd.  "Thank you all for your support and kindness.  Many of you have 
inquired as to which part of this fair kingdom I will live.  I am honored to 
tell you that I will be in Tir-y-Don."  A small group near one wall cheers 
at this mention of their fine home.  The other patrons glance nervously at 
them hoping this will not erupt into another debate on whose barony is the 
finest.  (Although, in this author's opinion Baron Corun MacAnndra had the 
right of it when he said, "... the best Barony in Atlantia is the one I
happen to be in at any given moment."  This simple statement being a truism 
for many things in life.  But enough philosophy, back to the story.)

"However," Cedric continues, "I must apologize, for I think you percieve an 
error in my request.  Not to say that your perception is in error, but 
rather my request was not perfect clear.  It was rather like cream soup when 
I had intended it to be like a fine chicken broth.  I am primarily looking 
for some place SIMILAR TO THE MERRY ROSE where I might exchange ideas rather 
than actually practice.  But, I hope this does not discourage any of you 
from presenting me with information on where you enjoy gathering, for you 
may perceive that I hope to travel extensively in your fair kingdom and 
would consider it a rare treat to be able to meet many of you and see if we 
can't teach each other a little about the art of defence, and above all have 
fun meeting one another."

Cedric finishes with a few courtesies (and a wink or two at some of the 
beautiful ladies).  He then descends from the bar, to the delight of the bar 
keep who must keep it clean.  He patiently awaits any who may be able to 
help him ...

(looking for the Atlantia rapier mailing list, if one exists)
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