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Re: What's the story ? ....

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

>      What's the connection between Wales, St Dafydd, and leeks?  Just 
>      general curiosity to distract me from my finals ....
>      Sandy

Dewi Sant (Saint David -- Dewi, Dafydd, Daffyd are all different forms
	of David in Welsh) is the patron saint of Wales.

Leeks are identified with Wales from long ago -- I don't know how long,
but certainly in period.

I'm not sure what the connection between Dewi Sant and leeks is; probably
something to do with the hagiography of St. David.  But wearing a leek on
your hat on St. David's Day (March 1) is established as Welsh custom, at
least to the extent that Shakespeare mentions it (In Henry V, for
example).  I'm not sure how far back it goes.  Maybe Giraldus Cambrensis
mentions it?  If I get the time, I'll check.


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