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Re: What's the story ? ....

Poster: Greg Glewwe <glewweg@erols.com>

sandra_toscano_at_chppm2__apgea@chppm-ccmail.apgea.army.mil wrote:
> Poster: sandra_toscano_at_chppm2__apgea@chppm-ccmail.apgea.army.mil
>      What's the connection between Wales, St Dafydd, and leeks?  Just
>      general curiosity to distract me from my finals ....
>      Sandy


	To finish off on Dafydd reply, the leek flower was worn in Wales  in
memory of St. David.  As Dafydd said,  the leek (meaning the flower) has
been long associated with Wales, just as the Iris has long been
associated with France (fluer de lys).  The leek flower is similar to
the daffodil.  Same botanical family, I believe.  I'll get Di to comment
if possible.  She researched the issue while working on Robert and
Tawny's AOA scroll.


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