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12th Night Fundraising (long)

Poster: Suzanne Metzler <SMETZLER/0002152178@MCIMAIL.COM>



A TEST ....

[Tehair walks across the floor of the tavern and climbs up on a wobbly
table and clears her throat and says in a load and annoyingly carrying

Oy!  Oh yah. I mean Oyea! Oyea! 

On behalf of the Kingdom Fundraising Committee, I am making the following

[she motions to her henchpersons to quickly bar the door so none may
leave while she has their captive attention.]

The following is an update on the Kingdom 12th Night
Fundraising efforts (to benefit the Kingdom Reglia Fund). The response
has been just wonderful as to items/services donated! 

We also wanted to extend a special thanks to the Barony of Marinus who has donated $290
to the Kingdom for use in the Regalia Fund. Vivat Marinus!

[she claps loudly -- and the patrons good naturedly join in hoping
she will leave soon]

But wait! It is not too late to make a donation.  If you are willing
to donate items/services, please contact me privately or by phone.  
All items/service are welcome. So far we have received
the folling types of items/services as donations:

[she unrolls a long scroll that drags across the floor.  She squintly
glares at anyone who is rolling their eyes, squints somemore, sighs and then pulls out a pair
of spectacles (okay so their not period but blind is a pain)]

- Anonymous donation from citizen of Ponte Alto - one pair of .8-ct emerald-cut
garnets and one of the rubies of a size suitable for setting into
earrings or a small pendant. 

- Clan Cromlech from Northern Atlantia - Feast presentation basket: 
consisting of 4 bowls painted with Celtic knotwork, 2 leather mugs, 
candles, a candle holder, soaps, embroidered napkins, napkin rings, a
salt seller and a blanket. 

- Baroness Amanda of Walworth/ Lady Alesia la
Sabia de Murcia - Canton of Falcon Cree & Ponte Alto respectively: 14th
Century sideless surcoat (made by Alesia with cloth donated by
Baroness Amanda)

-Lady Tehair MacDiarmada & Lord Hreodbeorht MacBeth: carved leather
archer's arm guard

-Mistress Jaelle of Armida - Storvik - book on medieval

- Karen Larsdottir - Ponte Alto: a feast gear
basket (containing a pair of embroidered napkins and an embroidered
bread cloth (all of which will have Celtic knotwork in blue and gold),
with two brass candlesticks and a half-dozen beeswax candles. 

- Alexandra the Eclectic - Ponte Alto: book on costuming

- Lady Liadain Ni Bhrollachain - Ponte Alto- dressed china doll

- Colum Makiswell - Ponte Alto- a leather bow case

- Lois and Marie of Ponte Alto (Omnicorn Leather) Ponte Alto - leather bracers.

- Arianwen ferch Maelgwyn - framed and matted illuminated 14th Century love 

- Miceal MacElysandyr/Eadan Nic Dhomnaill - Ponte Alto - 13th Century
leather hood (leather donated by Eadan/crafted by Miceal)

- Eadan Nic Dhomnaill - Ponte Alto: beaded braid case and two 10 inch cuffs of 
Belgian lace.

- Lady Rafy Myra - Ponte Alto: decorative bottle in a velvet bag,
wooden rota game board w/ velvet bag, pieces, rules

- Master Thomas and Grafine Judith - dinner basket consisting of a
period meal cooked and served at their home. 

- Sir Mika Longbow - Ponte Alto - hand cast and painted ceramic gargoyle

- Elspeth of Wye - Ponte Alto - 6 yards of Celtic trim beaded w/ fresh water 

- Peregren Plunder & Peripheral - Roxbury Mills - 7 yards of trim

-Gregge the Archer - Roxbuty Mills - a 12"x 12"x 27" mahogany chest
suitable for feast gear with removable tray for small items inside. 
(there will be a picture of this chest on the web site)

-Lorenzo il Confuso - Highland Forde - one dozen hand
fletched, stained and crested arrows (of the type that can be used in
SCA archery activities)

-Roborn Willhelm vonBach - custom walking stick of no less than 4 feet
made of fine wood with spiral scar and metal tip, Donor will custom
fit/match walking stick/staff to person.

-Lady Muireann ni Riordain - Ponte Alto - an embroidered pin cushion,
done in queen stitch, which is documentable to about 1600.

-Alyssa of FalconCree - donating her time for portraite in
oils/watercolor/pencils. She will use photos provided by the winning
bidder and complete the work at her home. She will work out a finish
date with winning bidder.

-Ysolt la Bretonne - linen "Spanish Work" rapier scarf with bobbin lace

-Aileen - hand-made Knight's sash, Byzantine-styled, gold embroidery on

-MaryAgnes of Ponte Alto - copper and brass torc with raven's head finials and
a brown tooled leather belt pouch.

-Enid nic Eoin - Ponte Alto - hand-calligraphed and illuminated,
hand-bound book on velum on period topic. 

-Javoda - embrodiered item

Please join me in recognizing the generosity of these individuals/groups.
 Vivat to our wonderfully generous donors!!  [She repeats this phrase
until the patrons Vivat appropriately loudly]

[she rolls her scroll up and removes her glasses and addresses the
polite patrons who are still with her and abruptly takes on a carnival
barkers stance]

Did I mention that it is not too late to donate to this cause?! This
is an opportunity to showcase the talents of the various creative and
talented people of Atlantia. Ideas on ways you can help if you,
yourself, are less handy or artistically inclined: you could buy an
item and donate it to the auction/raffle, or you could supply
materials for an artisan to make a larger or more expensive item for
donation to the auction/raffle, or you could provide a service like
making garb, carving/painting a chest, preparing and serving a
Medieval meal, giving a fighter a back or foot rub at a specified
event, or agreeing to pay for and do twice daily ice runs for a camp
at Estrella or Gulf Wars. The ways you can help are only limited by
your imagination. Individuals are not the only ones who can donate
items, households (see e.g. Clan Cromlech) and local groups (Barony of
Marinus) can make donations as well.

[she resumes a lady-like stance]

After 12th Night we will finalize the list of those who donated items
and place it in the Acorn (printed and electronic) and will publicize
the total amount raised. If you are not able to attend 12th Night and
are interested in finding out how much your specific donation raised,
please contact me.

If you are willing to donate items or services for the raffle and/or
auction, please send the below requested information to either: Lady
Tehair MacDiarmada (Sue Metzler) at 9301 Forty-Eighth Place, College
Park, Maryland 20740 (301) 474-3344 (NLT 10:30 p.m.) e-mail
2152178@mcimail.com (please write "12th Night Raffle/Auction" in the
header) or Baroness Amanda of Walworth (Jennifer Hill-Wilson) at 208
Heather Drive, Central, South Carolina 29630 (864) 653-8385. (NLT 9:00

To view an updated list of the types of items that have been donated,
please visit the Auction/Raffle subpage off the Atlantian 12th Night
homepage at the following URL:
http://acorn.maxson.com/F-Jan-98/auction.htm It will be linked to the
Atlantian 12th Night Home page.

(Due to multiple requests, I have attached some additional information about how 
we are running the Raffle/Auctions below. (If you are not interested, you can skip
it ;^))

If you have any other questions regarding fundraising (or merchanting
spaces), please contact me directly. 

[she now gets down off the table accepts a large swig of mead and addresses
those who were interested with the following information...]


Donations may be given to  Tehair or Baroness Amanda before 12th
Night, or brought to 12th Night. However, if 
you plan to get the donation to 12th Night, please provide the
following information so we can advertise on the web page before 12th
Night and to help us make up the necessary cards for 12th Night:

1) the donor(s)' legal and SCA names, 
2) the donor(s)' local group, 
3) general contact information (address, phone, e-mail),
4) a brief description of the item(s)/service(s) being donated, 
5) a brief description on the period/location of use of such item/service as 
6) the maker of the item or the performer of the service (if different from the 
7) an approximate value for that/those item(s)/services (this information will 
not show up on the web site or be advertised)
8) a statement as to what is the lowest price you are willing to see the item 
go for  (this information will not show up on the web site or be advertised, we 
usually start bidding at half the retail value of an item, if this will give 
you heart burn if only the minimum bid is made, what is the minimum price you 
would be happy to see the item auctioned for).  Although it is an unlikely 
circumstance, please tell us what to do should the circumstance arise that no 
one makes the minimum bid for your donation: should we hold your donation till 
another Kingdom event, do you want to reclaim the item and give us a monetary 
donation equal to the minimum bid or should we donate the item to the Kingdom 
for their Majesties to bestow to deserving individuals and to other royalty.

Additionally for donated items, please provide a small card or label
attached directly to the item(s) indicating the donor's name, contact
information and the maker of the item (if different from the donor).

Please note that only items with a retail value of under $35 will be
in the Raffle (and that even if the retail value is under $35, if the
item is hand-made by a local craft person it will be placed in the

The Atlantian Fund-Raising Committee Members have had experience
running successful fundraisers in the past both in the SCA and in the
mundane world. As such, we are sensitive to legal requirements and to
the donors and buyers needs and concerns. 

Why did we even ask if there was documentation? If there is a
historical context for your donation, it is a good thing to mention
because it will bring a better price. If there is a history to your
item, i.e. Sir Brass Hat wore this item at his coronation, Mistress
Brass Hat made this item for her master work for her Laurelate, then
please indicate this history as such items will bring in a greater
price when this is known.

We have asked for the minimum price you would be agreeable to see your
item be auctioned for, because we are sensitive to the valuation
issues of donations and always seek the guidance of the donor in
helping to set starting bids. Our greatest concern has always been
that we get a reasonable return for the donation so both the donor and
the Kingdom Exchequer are happy. We are also very sensitive in the
manner in which fundraising efforts are conducted and do our best to
set-up systems that will bring in the most money we can get for an
item. This is because of our own experiences as donors: One of use
once donated an item that retailed for $65 (wholesale was $45). They
person running the fundraising raffled it for a mere $10. That donor
was insulted and heartsick. That donor would have rather given the
fund-raisers a check for $45 than let the piece go for $10. We promise
to treat your donation with the consideration it deserves.


The following is information about how we are doing the Fundraising at
this 12th Night:

All proceeds will go towards purchasing new thrones and other Kingdom
regalia. The Kingdom Fund-Raising's Committee's goal is to raise
$1,500. There will be three different types of fundraising activities
on behalf of the Kingdom: a raffle, a voice auction and an silent


The Raffle will run from opening till 8:00 p.m. (just after Feast).
The Raffle will be located in the main feast hall until 3:30, then by
request of the Autocrat, move to the Off-Board Feast area, in order to
accommodate the feast (scheduled to begin at 4:00). The raffle is only
for items with a retail value of under $35. (Even then, if the item is
donated by a local craftsperson, we will usually put that donation in
the Auctions.) Every item will have a 3 x 5 card in front of it,
describing the item and the donor(s) and a receptacle in which to
place raffle tickets. As donations come in they will be added to the
table displaying Raffle items.

For $1, participants will receive 3 raffle tickets. Participants then
can place their tickets in any receptacles they desire. In this
manner, people can "stuff" the receptacle with their tickets and have
a greater chance of obtaining the item they desire. At 8:00 p.m.,
winning raffle tickets will be drawn and winners will be able to pick
up their items. 


All donations for the Auctions will be immediately placed on displayed
and made available for bidding in the Main Hall. The Auctions are for
large, high value, hand-crafted items by a local crafts person, and/or
services. Every donation will have a 3 x 5 index card describing the
item, the donor(s), the crafter(s) while it is on display. 

Given the Autocrat's scheduling needs, all donations will first start
out in the Silent Auction. For the Silent Auction, each donation will
have card(s) in front of it, (or a picture of it, or a description of
the service) with the previous bids listed for all to see and numbered
spaces for the name of the person who is bidding. The highest bid
above the minimum will be able to purchase the donation. We will set
the minimum opening bid at approximately half the retail value of the
item (or the amount otherwise agreed upon between the donor and
Tehair.) From 1:30 to 3:30 the Autocrat has scheduled the Voice
Auction to occur in the main feast hall. The Silent Auction will
temporarily close while the Voice Auction is going on. The starting
bid for the Voice Auction will be the then highest bid from the Silent
Auction for that donation. Individuals will pickup and pay for the
items from the Voice Auction immediately after the Voice Auction is
over. After the Voice Auction is over, all items that were not
auctioned off during the Voice Auction, or donations that arrived
after the Voice Auction began, will be placed in the Silent Auction.
The Silent auction will run until 8 p.m. It will start in the main
feast hall then move to the Off-Board area of the Feast Hall after
3:30 by request of the Autocrat in order to accommodate the early
start of the feast (scheduled to being at 4:00). Individuals may pay
and pick up their items from the Silent Auction at 8:00 p.m.

You are welcome to bid on your own donation.

If no one should make the opening bid, we will consult your card which
should list whether/how much to lower the price, or whether to hold
the donation till another Kingdom event, or whether to donate the item
to the Kingdom (their majesties have a fund of gifts to give deserving
individuals and to other royalty) -- donor's choice. We want everyone
to be happy with what happens to their donations. We recognize people
work hard to make/buy or otherwise provide these donations and we want
everyone to feel good about what happens to them and the money raised
from them. 



Seperate from the kingdom regalia fund-raising, Master Terafan &
Sir Dafydd will be raffling tickets for the big (beautifully) painted 
wooden chest they displayed at University and at several other events. 

Proceeds from this raffle will go to the Oak.  Tickets are $5/each.  
Contact them directly for tickets before 12th Night.  (It is a 
beautiful chest, I myself have bought several tickets!  :^))

You can view this chest at the 12th Night Fundraising Page or get more
information about it at its own homepage whose URL is:




Yours in service,

Tehair MacDiarmada/Sue Metzler
Kingdom Fundraising Committee/ 
Coordinator of 12th Night Fund-Raising 1998/
Merchant Autocrat 12th Night 1998
301) 474-3344 (NLT 10:30 p.m.)
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