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Re: [EK] Operation Renaissance Persona

Poster: "Janice Wagoner" <maryamjules@hotmail.com>

   I agree that people aren't staying in persona the way they used to; I 
myself am guilty of this.  However, the original surmise of the SCA was 
"Europeans and those who could have visited them."  There are more and 
more middle-eastern and oriental personas in the SCA today than ever 
before.  It's hard to remain in character as an Irishwoman when you're 
surrounded by samurai and bellydancers. 
    How many Bardic Circles were there at Pennsic this year?  At the 
last few events I went to (in the East Kingdom) there was no bardic 
circle or court dancing, but plenty of people sitting around with 
Doumbeks playing for the bellydancers.  I'm not cutting down on belly 
dancers.  There are some out there who look absolutely WONDERFUL, but I 
long for the days of courtly flirtation and sitting around a fire 
sharing songs.  I cannot bellydance, so what does that leave for me to 
do in the evenings?

(BTW, I would rather have someone speak to me in a normal middle-America 
accent than a poor Scottish accent anyday :}  )

Lady Maryam Jules of the Dragon's Trench

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