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Persona, for better or for worse

Poster: CptnBnytng <CptnBnytng@aol.com>

   I too remember the days of yore with longing. 
   Where I played then is not important, nor is the rank of anyone involved,
but what is , is the fact that there was more of the idea of play , and less
the idea of politically correct speech.
   The big problem that I see nowadays is that there is no tolerance for
people who don't wish to pretend that they are nobility.  Not everyone in
those days was as a matter of fact !  Not everyone wants to talk in stilted
speech, using really bad accents. Not everyone want s to go to court so they
can be seen amongst the peers. not everyone needs the constant acclaim of
awards and all that. But it doesn't mean that they are not playing in the
middle ages game, or that they are not in character.
   There is more to being in character than the wordsyou use, fashion that you
wear or titles that you hold. I prefer to play with people who allow me to be
who I choose to be, and in turn play off that, instead of telling me that I'm
wrong because I'm not European Courtly...
   Frankly, the biggest complaint that I hear from newcomers is that the EC's
are rude and boring... many newcomers just have not come back because of being
publicly berated by the (ahem) "authenticity nazi's"  They simply don't want
to play that game. 
   Perhaps the example we set with our consistancy of persona and our overall
behavior and personal presentation will be more effective in leading newcomers
to play a more consistant persona than any mandates or special persona events
we decree.  

   Captain Bunnyetongue, house Splendid Lady
   no titles, not politicly correct 
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