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Re: [EK] Operation Renaissance Persona

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

> Poster: BLorenz753 <BLorenz753@aol.com>
> Milady,
>     Just out of curiousity, if you did not feel that one of the goals of
> SCA was to recreate some of the culture of the Middle Ages, then why did
> join the SCA?  To fight to your heart's content and get trashed?  I doubt
> that, as you have said that you practice the art of spinning and enjoy
> garb. I mean, that is what being in persona really is---not necessarily
> elaborate story.  Persona is doing things that they would have done in
> spare time; it's leaving the mundane world behind in place of our
> altered version of the Middle Ages.  The problem of which I am speaking
> (complaining) is that many do *not* leave the mundane world behind--they
> it with to events and refuse to let go.

At the event I autocratted in September, we had a "Modern Tax".  I chose 3
people to be tax collectors, gave them each $5 change in dimes, a hand-made
notepad and pencil (one chose to use a piece of charcoal as to be more
authentic) and sent them to infiltrate the masses.  Anyone caught with an
overtly displayed modern item (cooler, coke can, etc., but not armor, shoes
or eyewear) or who was overheard to make reference to a modern item (the
internet, computers, movies, etc.) was charged $.10.

By the end of the day, people were much more aware of their speech and
everyone seemed to enjoy it immensely, since it was done in the spirit of
fun, even though it was designed to bring us back to a more period


Lady Rhiannon ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald
House Corvus, Sacred Stone
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