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Re: [EK] Operation Renaissance Persona

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

>Designing an "in persona" event so that less firmly established persona 
>players are as welcome as those players  with strongly developed 
>seems like a tight-rope walk.

Heck, groups throw Middle-Eastern, Viking, Japaneses and even Hawaiian 
themed events all the time.

I don't see any reason why a persona-oriented event wouldn't work.  The 
publicity would just have to be very clear.

The Baroness of Adiantum, An Tir used to throw persona events at her 
house sometimes.  She'd announce them locally and explain carefully; and 
all the folks, like me, who didn't like persona events wouldn't go.

The folks who liked them and went had a great time.

The key here is that the folks who dislike such stuff *stay away* or do 
their best to blend.

I don't do Japanese, Hawiian or Middle-eastern events.  I don't do dirty 
old ladies revels.  I do very very few wars.  I don't like that stuff 
much.  And, not wanting to rain on a parade (or have MY parade rained 
on) I stay away.

But so what?  Not going to those events doesn't seem to be limiting my 
enjoyment of the SCA.  I could go to an event I liked every weekend if I 

So I say plan a nice persona event.  Be very specific about what's going 
on.  Be clear about what's expected.  And be *polite* to those who 
forget and grumble about e-mail anyway.   ;)

The best thing about the SCA, IMO, is it's DIVERSITY!

     - Anarra

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