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Poster: Ed Hopkins <Ed.Hopkins@mci.com>

> A (non-Scadian) friend of mine who enjoys attending events
> periodically enjoys using Susan B. Anthony dollar coins and
> half-dollar coin to pay his site fees and when purchasing items
> from merchants.  He does this, not because these particular
> coins are "period" but because the whole concept of paper money
> is jarring to him as he tries in his own small way to establish
> an atmosphere.

I do this too, although I don't use half-dollars (since I can't
find them as readily as I can find Susie B's) and I don't pay in
coin at the gate (since I haven't changed into my persona at that

However, I haven't found it especially magical to hear one merchant
after another say, "No, this isn't enough... wait, these aren't
quarters! Hey, neat!" Of course, some merchants _do_ behave just
like a merchant of the Period receiving coin of the realm, but they
(and the other merchants) would have behaved that way getting paper
dollars, so I haven't gained anything.

Oh, well.

-- Alfredo
A man held a makework political job, polishing the cannon in front of the
county courthouse. It kept him fed and let him put a little money aside,
but he wasn't getting ahead in the world. So one day he withdrew his life's
savings, bought a brass cannon -- and went into business for himself.
   -- Robert A. Heinlein, _The_Moon_Is_a_Harsh_Mistress_

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