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Re: Coins

Poster: Debera <tovah@vnet.net>

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Ed Hopkins wrote:

> Poster: Ed Hopkins <Ed.Hopkins@mci.com>
> > A (non-Scadian) friend of mine who enjoys attending events
> > periodically enjoys using Susan B. Anthony dollar coins and
> > half-dollar coin to pay his site fees and when purchasing items
> > from merchants.  He does this, not because these particular
> > coins are "period" but because the whole concept of paper money
> > is jarring to him as he tries in his own small way to establish
> > an atmosphere.

I do this too... I love the face of the Merchant when I hand them 1/2
dollars for a 2.00 item... Befor an event I just ask at my local bank if
they have any 1/2  dollars and they are, in most cases, more then happy to
get rid of them.. I sometimes get looks from Trolls too when I pay for
events in 1/2 dollars.. with a "Why did you do that for?".. smile... It
tends to be followed with a) now I am going to have to find bills to
replace them so I can keep them ... or b) where did you get that many
from?  The only time I have ever gotten even a scowl is at Pennsic from
the Merchants there... 

It says something about the area I am in when I go to a flea market and
pay for something with 1/2 dollars and the children look at me funny as if
I am paying them with counterfitt..

Tovah Scofeld

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