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RE: Flash photography (was Re: coins)

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

> Poster: AlysounA <AlysounA@aol.com>
> <a wench lifts her head and pushes aside the lord nibbling her neck to add
> to
> the confusion about persona play>
> Actually, I think it is worse than rude to use a flash camera and less
> than
> rude to (politely) remind people that flash photography is forbidden. It
> is
> and should be forbidden 

	Jumping in mid-thread:
	Actually I never remembered anything about flash photography being
	Is there a new law/rule that I haven't read up on yet?  I do
remember being taught
	as a general rule of courtesy to ask before taking someone else's
picture.  Even
	if their garb warrants it. This is something we could remind folks
at business


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