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Flash photography (was Re: coins)

Poster: AlysounA <AlysounA@aol.com>

<a wench lifts her head and pushes aside the lord nibbling her neck to add to
the confusion about persona play>

Actually, I think it is worse than rude to use a flash camera and less than
rude to (politely) remind people that flash photography is forbidden. It is
and should be forbidden not only because it might detract from the enjoyment
of some but also because it is physically harmful to many people (including
myself) who suffer from migraine headaches and to others (like epileptics) who
suffer seizures. I cannot tell you how miserable I have been made at times
because of the ignorance or insensitivity of those who use flash bulbs to take
pictures (worshipping the porcelain goddess somehow seems even worse when you
haven't even over-indulged!).

-- Alysoun
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