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Information Request

Poster: hswann@UU.NET (Heather Swann)

Good Gentles-

I humbly ask your assistance!  I am currently working on scrolls for AoAs for 5 gentles for whom I have no extra information.  I am trying to personalize these scrolls, and anything in the way of personal symbols, what they are known for doing, favourite illumination styles, persona information, etc., would be helpful.

The gentles whose scrolls I am working on are:

John Anborn the Blue
Kenwrec FitzRaymund
Caitlin ni Cheannlaidir
Kenelm Rogan
Evita Maria de Lombardia

If possible, I would like to have whatever information can be got by the end of this week, or preferably 6pm Tuesday, so I will have more time to work on these scrolls to get them done for Twelfth Night.  I am not currently subscribed to the Merry Rose, so please reply to me personally.

My humble thanks!

Miriam Rachel bat Mordecai

Heather Swann			UUNET Technologies
Internet Systems Engineer	3060 Williams Drive
(703) 645-4243			Fairfax, Virginia 22030
hswann@uu.net			http://www.uu.net
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