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Re: Please translate Heraldese...

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  Draw an X through the shield.  The upper and lower parts are black, the   
  left and right parts are red.  Over it, draw a gold diamond with a black   
  sword point up.

I thought I recalled that the default was point up, and since this was
inverted, it should be point down.  Am I in error?

  > Gules, a fess wavy cotised Or, overall a unicorn rampant contourny
  > and on a chief argent three arrows fesswise gules.
  OK, this is complicated.  Red with a wavy gold stripe across the middle   
  flanked by racing stripes (narrow stripes close to and parallelling the   
  big stripe).  All of that should take up about 3/4 of the shield, with a   
  white section over it.  On the red and gold section, there's a white   
  unicorn rearing facing the right side (as you look at it).  On the white   
  section, there are three red horizontal arrows. (>>----> >>----> >>---->)

I think you have the arrows in the wrong direction.  Default is to chief,
fesswise default is to dexter.

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