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RE: Please translate Heraldese...

Poster: jtrigg@softworkscc.com

> What should these look like?

Warning: ASCII art follows.  Use a monospaced font like Courier to view   

> Per bend embattled argent and azure, two crosses potent counterchanged.

A diagonal line from the upper left to the bottom right which looks like   

   __    __
__|  |__|  |__|

The upper right portion is white with a blue cross, the lower left is   
blue with a white cross.  The crosses look like this:

 |   |   |
 |   |   |

> Per saltire sable and gules, on a lozenge Or a sword inverted sable.

Draw an X through the shield.  The upper and lower parts are black, the   
left and right parts are red.  Over it, draw a gold diamond with a black   
sword point up.

> Per bend sinister azure and Or semy of fleams azure, a dumbeg Or.

Unfortunately, I can't remember what fleams are.  Could this be a typo   
for flames?  Other than that, this is divided from upper right to lower   
left; the upper left is blue and the lower right is gold with blue   
"fleams" scattered across it.  Across the line of division is a gold   
dumbeg (middle-eastern drum).

> Gules, a fess wavy cotised Or, overall a unicorn rampant contourny
> and on a chief argent three arrows fesswise gules.

OK, this is complicated.  Red with a wavy gold stripe across the middle   
flanked by racing stripes (narrow stripes close to and parallelling the   
big stripe).  All of that should take up about 3/4 of the shield, with a   
white section over it.  On the red and gold section, there's a white   
unicorn rearing facing the right side (as you look at it).  On the white   
section, there are three red horizontal arrows. (>>----> >>----> >>---->)

> Or, on a pile azure between two rapiers inverted sable a bee Or.

Gold.  A blue triangle stretches down from the top (the top is one side   
of the triangle) almost to the bottom.  On either side of the triangle is   
a black rapier point up; on the triangle is a gold bee.

Hope this helps,
Jim Trigg, Lord High Everything Else (RL/DNRC) O-
Jamie FitzGeorge, AOA, Archer, Bard (SCA)
Brother James Michael (THOM PBEM)
UnderNet IRC: Myrddhin (#SCA); Nolgon (#GURPS)
mailto: Jtrigg@hoflink.com; jtrigg@softworkscc.com

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