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Update on Prince Jafar

Poster: henderson@infodata.com (Henderson, Sharon)

Gentle cousins,

After contracting pneumonia over the weekend, Prince Jafar of the
Midrealm is stable; here's the latest update from:


In service & with prayers for the Prince and His Princess,

NEW: Tuesday 12-23-97 (12:00 noon)

Greetings All,

His Highness remains stable tonight with no real changes since this

The one new bit of news, the doctors have identified the new bacteria.
It is called Interbacter. Not sure if We have spelled that correctly. It
is, from what the doctors say, a very dangerous little bug. It has the
ability to mutate quickly which can make it difficult to kill off
completely. It will mutate into a resistant strain in about 5 days. So
they are trying very hard to destroy it fast by continuing the two

That is all for now. We will post again when there is some significant
changes to report.

In Service,
TRM Palymar and Aislinn


Greetings All,

It has been a long difficult weekend. His Highness suffered multiple
setbacks. He spent most of Sat. on 100% oxygen. Also on Sat. the doctors
discovered that Jafar and indeed developed a very serious second

They have identified the bacteria so far as a gram negative rod and they
found it in his lungs and blood. This
type of bacteria is more dangerous then the one that put him in the
hospital to begin with. By three pm on Sat, they had but him on two "big
gun" antibiotics in the hopes of knocking the infection back until they
can identify the specific bacteria. Once they know the which bacteria
they are dealing with, they can use a more specific drug. They hope to
know that by late Monday or early Tuesday.

On Sat. they also put him back on the paralytic drug. They had to go
back to the old ventilator settings, the
harsher one. And his kidneys went into complete failure. Then Saturday
night his blood oxygen saturation
began to fall and dropped into the mid 80's. Remember that 90 and above
is were we want to be all the time and below 80 there begins to the
possibility of brain damage from lack of oxygen. It was at this point
Sunday morning that We received a call from Her Highness to come to the
hospital. The doctors were not sure if they could stop the falling
oxygen saturation.

Then, because His Highness is no quitter, he fought back. Perhaps with
the help of the antibiotics, your
prayers and Jafar's own strength, the oxygen saturation began to climb
back up. By midnight, the oxygen
saturation was up to 96 and the ventilator oxygen was back down to 70%.
This, if you will pardon the pun,
gives him some breathing room.

If all this sounds like he is back to square one, you would be wrong,
but not by much. It will not be until at
least Friday before we know if he has completely cleared this hurdle.
But for now it looks like, though he gave us all a big scare, he has
once again turned the corner and out of immediate danger.

In Service,
TRM Palymar and Aislinn

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