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Subject: Atlantian Royal Bard Competition
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For those of you who are interested in the Atlantian Royal Bard
Competition that will be held at Kingdom 12th Night, Jan. 3, here is the
pertinant info you will need.  I have also covered this information in
letters to the _Acorn_, so those of you who subscribe should have
gotten this.
	The schedule for competitions that was prnted in the 12th Night
flyer in the Dec. Acorn is CORRECT.  I do not have the flyer with me at
the present moment, but it was correct.  I think that the preliminary
round is scheduled to begin at 10:45am and the finals at 1 or 1:30pm.
But, once again, the printed schedule is correct, so if it says
different that what I remember right now, believe the printed schedule.
(Gee, it gets confusing to be me sometimes...)
	Ok, now the scoop on the competitions.  Anyone who wishes to
compete for Royal Bard MUST enter the preliminary round of competition.
For this round I will ask you to prepare 2 or 3 peices.  They can be in
any medium (song, story, instrumental, drama, light show--ok, maybe no
light shows...).  I am askingfor one peice that you have written
and one peice to be from pre(or just post)-1600 in origin.  No written
documentation is required (although it may be helpful).  Verbal
documentation IS required.  This just means that you must be able to
us information about the peice.  Performaers will be judged on their
documentation, the authenticity of the peice (would ithave been
in period?), their own creativity, the skill of the performance, and the
overall effect of the performance.  The competitors will perform two
peices, but I am asking that you have a third one ready if we have time,
or if the results get close.
	The top three entrants in the preliminaries will be called back
for the final round in the early afternoon.  (Again, look at the schdule
in the event flyer for time).  For the final round, I am asking that the
performer choose 2 or 3 peices (based on length) that they belive best
display their skill and versitilty as a performing artist.  This is
completely up to you as to what to choose.  The performance will be
and considered by myself and Her Royal Majesty, Queen Arielle the
Lady of the Gracious Smile and Recipient of Many Compliments, Especially
>From the Bardic Community, Whom She Has Been Very Nice To, Thank You
Much (how's that for a title?).  We will be considering the amount of
effort put into the performance, the amount of research, the skill of
performance, the peices chosen, etc., for the overall effect.  The final
decision will be announced in court.  
	If anyone has ANY questions, please e-mail me, or call me.  My
home phone number is (704)631-0619, or you can even call me at work at
(704)524-7472 (if you call me at work, please ask for Matt, my
don't know who Eogan is).
	I look forward to some wonderful performances, and please pass
this on to anyone else you think may be interested.  Again, my letters
the Dec. and Jan. Acorns should also have this information.  Nollag Sona
Diut--Merry Xmas!
	Lard Eogan Og Mac Labruinn, Sangster of Atlantia

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