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Call for Instructors for KWA&S

Poster: Mary Morman <memorman@oldcolo.com>

Mistress Elaina de Sinistre sends greetings unto the gentles of the
Known World.
A Known World Arts and Sciences Symposium will be held in the Barony of
Caerthe in the Kingdom of the Outlands (Golden, CO) on the 18th and 19th
of April in the coming year (1998).  I entreat all artisans and teachers
to share their knowledge with others in our fair society by volunteering
to teach a class.
Classes will be held on both Saturday and Sunday.  Classes can be one,
two, or three hours long and can be organized as either a lecture or a
workshop.  With advance notice (the more the better!) we will work
very hard to make any special arrangements needed for your class (sewing
machines, kitchen, forge, etc.)  Normal classroom equipment such as
white boards, overhead projectors, maps, etc. will be easily available
but must be requested in advance.
Please contact me by e-mail (elaina@rialto.org) or by postal mail (Mary
Morman, 1245 Allegheny Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80919) with
information about the class you would like to teach.  Please note that the
e-mail address will be in effect starting 12/28/97.
I look forward to hearing from you very soon!  We expect to have a
tentative schedule of classes up as a web page by 31 January.
If you are interested in getting an e-mail update of this list of
classes, please send a message to me at elaina@rialto.org andI will add
your name to a list of people who will receive this as a mailing.
If you are not interested in teaching, but would like to attend the
event, please contact Lady Jorunn at jorunn@qadas.com for more
Yours in service,

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