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Fw: [Mid] Jafar Update Final

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Sad news to pass on:

Date: Saturday, December 27, 1997 00:55:47
From: palymar@iquest.net
To: bridgers
Subject: [Mid] Jafar Update Final

Greetings to all to whom this missive comes,

It is with a sad heart and tearful eyes that We must send these words.

At approximately 1:30am Saturday morning Dec 27th His Royal Highness
al-Safa, Knight of the Society and Master of the Pelican, passed from
world.  His condition began to deteriorate at around 8:30pm Friday night
He never recovered.  The doctors did all they could, but the damage from
illness proved to be too great.

There were many of Jafar's loved ones at the hospital.  Both from his
and members of the SCA.  We pulled him through a couple of rough times,
his destiny lay on another path.

Her Highness wishes to thank everyone who cared for Jafar and sent well
wishes and good thoughts.  You were the strength that helped Her get
these last few weeks.

We would beg a boon of each and every one of you that reads these words
hears of them.  Please don't stop now.  Her Highness will need even more
support over the next few weeks and months leading up to Her
Jafar asked Us, should anything happen to him, to do everything We can
see Kenna through Her Reign.  We now ask you to help Us fulfill His

We thank you all again for your support up to now and in the coming
We will forward information concerning the funeral arrangements as soon
We have the details.

We remain in Service,

TRM Palymar and Aislinn

From:  palymar@iquest.net
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