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Re: Kingdom Law

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Greetings One and All from your friendly Kingdom Clerk of Law!!

Muirinn and Ian raise a good point: Where do you get copies of the
Kingdom Law?

Well, you can go to the web-site that Rabah mentioned, or you can
contact me.

For a nominal fee(TBA) you can get a hard-copy of the Master(this is the
copy of law that supercedes all others).  It's called the Atlantian
Great Book of Laws.  Along with this comes the Kingdom Officer's
Polcies, in three-hole punched paper....Now how much would you pay?(just

The new Red Tape will be published on Feb 1, barring any difficulties
presented by circumstance or royal whim, and will be distributed free of
charge, with the new cascade distribution method.  Beginning FEb 1, you
can contact me and avoid this distribution method all together by
getting your own three-hole-puch copy for inclusion in yoiur favorite

BTW, I can take pre-publication orders from you beginning....now.  Just
send your request privately, please.


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