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Fw: [EK] Jafar's Funeral

Poster: "Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

Important information

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Date: Tuesday, December 30, 1997 3:43 PM
Subject: [EK] Jafar's Funeral

-Poster: nikolich@postoffice.ptd.net

I got this note in my mail and there was a question on the listserve.



Greeting All,

There will be a viewing for His Highness Jafar/Scott Hall between 6pm and
9pm on Friday Jan 2nd at the People's Funeral Home: 5252 E 38th street. The
funeral service will be on Sat Jan 3rd at 10am at the same place.  The
funeral will be followed by a grave side service.  Saturday afternoon there
will be a gathering of friends.  There will be maps and
directions available at the funeral.  Carpooling is encouraged for the
Saturday since the cemetery is a few miles from the funeral home.

It is Her Highnesses wish that all that can attend, do so.  Dress is to be
modern and appropriate for the occasion.  There will hopefully be a map to
the funeral home on the Jafar Web Page at:

For those gentles interested in crash space and do not have a local contact,
you are encouraged to contact Their Excellencies Court Baron and Baroness
Ian and Gwendolyn (John and Sue Timmons).  Their phone number: 317-722-0247
pager: 317-368-3361.  They will be coordinating crash arrangements.

Many gentles have inquired as to what they can do to support Her Highness or
what charities His Highness supported.  Her Highnesses household got
together the following extensive list in no particular order of importance.
There should be something here for anyone who is interested in contributing

1.  Blank scrolls for Her upcoming Reign.
2.  Feast gear for TRM & TRH, the sets that exist are nearing the end of
their life span
3.  Throne Pillows for TRH's Thrones
4.  Tabards - for guards, for the Prince and for the King
5.  Table settings i.e. Candle sticks, napkins, place mats
6.  Small table for between the Thrones (must be able to break down)
7.  Calligraphy Pen set for Her Highness's signet box
8.  Design bids for Kenna's metal coronet for her to choose from
9.  Some kind of token with a salamander (for Jafar) for Kenna to distribute
to the populace
10.  Paper donations for Scribes
11.  Award tokens to be given out with awards
12.  Donations (i.e. food, drink) for the Knowne World Party (Jafar Rock
13.  Cookie donations for Kenna to pass out to fighters on the field
14.  Pictures of Jafar
15.  Volunteer an hour or two of service at an event in His Highnesses Name

For Pennsic in particular
1.  Small sunshade for hostess station at Midrealm gate
2.  Meals at Pennsic
3.  Royalty gifts for baskets
4.  Baskets
5.  Volunteer for a shift as gate guard at Midrealm Royal

Money can also be donated directly to Her Highness and can be sent to:
               Kim Harvey
               2123 Hannah Court
               Lebanon, IN. 46052
Please only send checks or money orders.  Her Highness has the expense of
Her Reign to plan and pay for.

Donations are also being accepted for a Non Profit Organization that helps
adults and children who have special needs.  Scott volunteer in fund raising
projects there.  Send checks to:
               Wabash Center
                2000 Greenbush
                Lafayette, IN. 47905

Finally, there is Scott's 9 year old sister Megan.  Scott was not
particularly close to his family but Kim knows that Megan will face a tough
life ahead and that Scott would want to help her anyway he could.  She was
one of the primary reasons for staying in touch with his mother.  If anyone
is interested in donating money for a trust fund to be set up
in her name,  send checks made out to Kim Harvey but include a note saying
you want that money to go to the Megan Hall Trust Fund.

In Service,

HRM Palymar

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