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Fw: Results of the December LoAR for Atlantia!

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

The following submissions were REGISTERED by Laurel at the December 1997
Laurel meeting:

Áed Fáid. Name.

Alys Montgomerie. Name and device. Per pale sable and Or, a goblet
sustained between two talbots combattant counterchanged, on a chief
gules three bees volant en arriere Or.

Anastasia Ivanovna Rostislava. Name and device. Vert, on a bend argent
between a decrescent and three garbs Or four mullets bendwise sinister

Arielle the Golden. Device change. Gules, an antelope rampant contourny,
on a chief embattled Or three crescents sable.  Her previous device
Sable, a gazelle statant and on a chief Or a wolf rampant sable between
two crescents gules., is hereby released.

Balian of Boxgrove Hall. Name

Barbara Giomaria di Roberto. Augmentation of arms. Argent, a chevron
inverted azure, in chief a brown hen rising wings elevated and addorsed
proper, for augmentation in base on an escutcheon sable an increscent
and a mountain of three peaks couped argent.

Conna M’Kennane. Badge. (Fieldless) A chess rook per fess sable and

Deirdre Fletcher. Badge. Gules, a sheaf of three arrows argent, fletched
Or, a bordure counter compony sable and argent.

Devora bat Shimshon. Device. Argent, a cauldron and on a chief vert
three increscents argent.

Emelyn Pacok. Name change from Aoibheal de la Belle Ame.
 Her former name, Aoibheal de la Belle Ame, is hereby released.

Fionnuala the Bewildered. Badge for alternate name of Cordelia
Baskerville. Argent, on a pile engrailed between two hearts azure a
talbot sejant ululant argent.

Ginevra de’ Rossi. Name.

Gregor Dow McGregor. Name change from Carl Ælfhelm (see RETURNS for
 His previous name Carl Ælfhelm, is hereby released.

Hawkin Sinclair. Name.

Heledd ferch Bleddyn. Name.

Isabella Benalcázar. Badge. (Fieldless) A cross of Santiago azure.

Isolde Corby. Name and device. Checky azure and argent, five corbys
displayed in saltire, heads to sinister sable.

Julia Windsor. Release of badge. Ermine, a pale and bordure checky gules
and Or.

Julien de Montfort. Name and device. Pean, three wine amphorae, a chief
urdy argent.

Julien de Montfort. Badge. (Fieldless) A wine amphora argent.

Kari Kyst. Device. Per bend sinister azure and gules, two greyhounds
salient contourny Or.

Labhaiose inghean uí Raghailligh. Name.

Lucia Bellini. Device. Sable, a catamount rampant, in chief three
martlets argent, a bordure Or.

Máire inghean uí Dhonnabháin. Name and device. Purpure, a bend gules
fimbriated, in chief an increscent, a chief Or.

Maukolum of Chelbroc. Name.

Meadhbh inghean uí Dhonnabháin. Name and device. Per bend enarched
purpure and sable, a bend enarched between two lozenges argent.

Morgan Catriona Bruce. Badge. (Fieldless) An open penannular brooch
bendwise argent.

Morina Felix. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and purpure, two
cats sejant counterchanged sable and argent.

Nest verch Madoc. Name and device. Azure, on a pale argent a candle
azure, on a chief argent three quill pens bendwise sinister azure.

Pedro de Alcazar. Device change. Argent, a tower purpure between three
bunches of grapes proper.  His former device, Or, six castles vert, a
bordure gules bezanty., is hereby released.

Rodrigo Hernandez de Toledo. Name and device. Per fess azure and sable,
on a fess between two wolves’ heads couped argent a torch palewise sable
enflamed proper.

Rodrigo Hernandez de Toledo. Household name for Casa Hernandez.

Signy Feilan Bjarnardóttir. Change of holding name Signý of Hindscroft.

Siobhan Eliot. Device. Argent, on a cross between four needles gules, a
catamount rampant argent.

Sveva la Lucciola. Device. Azure, a dragonfly volant en arriere, a
demi-sun issuant from base argent.

Thorgerd Gunnarsdottir. Name.

Una of Aire Faucon. Name.

Yvon de Sable. Name and device. Vair, on a pall sable fimbriated, four
fleurs-de-lys palewise Or.

Zita Dominguez. Name and device. Sable, on a bend between six fish
haurient Or, three arrows inverted, head enflamed, gules.

The following items were RETURNED:

Aron Niedzwiedz. Device. Argent, four scarpes gules, overall a bear
rampant sable.

Balian of Boxgrove Hall. Device. Quarterly gules and azure, a cross
flory argent.

Cristopharus filius Phillippi. Device. Quarterly gules and bendy
sinister vert and Or, on a lozenge azure fimbriated argent a chalice Or.

Ginevra de’ Rossi. Device. Azure, on a fess wavy between three escallops
inverted argent a dolphin naiant between two barrulets wavy vert.

Gregor Dow McGregor. Device. Sable, on a pale between two roses slipped
and leaved argent a rapier sable.

Labhaiose inghean uí Raghailligh. Device. Or, an inkpot sable between
three hummingbirds purpure.

Rodrigo Hernandez de Toledo. Badge. Sable, a wolf courant argent.

Una of Aire Faucon. Device. Gules, a wolf rampant contourny ermine, a
bordure argent crusily couped gules.

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