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Helping Jafar's Princess Kenna, and the Funeral Page

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Terry L. Neill wrote:
> >It is with a sad heart and tearful eyes that We must send these words.
> >
> >At approximately 1:30am Saturday morning Dec 27th His Royal Highness
> >Jafar al-Safa, Knight of the Society and Master of the Pelican, passed
> >from this world.
> Is there an address to send cards to his modern family - Parents,
> siblings, etc?
> And do we have his modern name?
>    - Anarra

There are efforts to collect money and other items for
Kenna, his fiance going on. It was felt that this would be a
good thing - since she will now have to reign alone. There are
hospital and reign expenses to pay for. Also Phone Calls.

HRH Jafar was, by all accounts, a very decent individual and very 
principled. She was very devoted to him, remaining by his 
side in the hospital. Many SCA and GDH did all they could to 
help her during her vigil.

(His) and her address is (Jafar al-Safa) and Kenna Harve (SCA):

           ** (Scott Hall) and Kim Harvey **
        ** 2123 Hannah Court, Lebanon, IN 46052 **

Checks should be sent to this address and made out to Kim Harvey only.
HRM Palymar seems to be coordinating things a great deal. But use the 
address above.

Palymar and Aislinn
Reed and Kathy Harrig
4186 Millersville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46205  (317) 546-7326

Above is off the Middle Kingdom regnum pages.

If you go to http://www.dnaco.net/~scababe/jafar/
you will find updates and instructions for leaving consolation notes,
and making donations. You will also find all postings concerning his
illness in reverse order. Also the Funeral arrangements.

In Service,

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