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Off-topic...sorry to bother you

Poster: "Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

My Dear (she says thru gritted teeth) hubby deleted my entire mailbox (close
to 3500 messages)  the night before last without telling me so I could
save/print off important information (it seems he messed up the network
somehow and it caused my mailbox to go crazy and yes, right now I am not
speaking to him)  If you have sent me important information or if I promised
you something please e-mail me so that I may fulfill any obligations I have
incurred.  Sorry for the wasted bandwidth but since I cannot remember who
sent what this seems the simplest way to do things.

Sigh....heading off to the office supplies store to buy paper so I can print
off stuff from now on

Louise Sugar/Dragonfyr

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