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[gdh] Brother Cadfael Mystery on Thurs. Nite on PBS -Reply

Poster: Leah Fisher  <LFISHE@mpl.org>

And most public libraries that have videos have bought
them for their collections too.


>>> rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu> 01/01 1:54 pm >>>
I can't speak for everywhere, but at least in NC Mystery
on PBS is
playing Brother Cadfael's the Leper of St. Giles tonite at
according to my tv guide. (The News and Observer of

UNC didn't have the January guide up as of this message.

I would have thought that perhaps they would have started
the third series, Leper of St. Giles is from the first.

***WGBH's Schedule seems to be different:***
***Off the Mystery homepage today:***

Series I:
One Corpse Too Many N/A
The Sanctuary Sparrow 1/1
The Leper of St. Giles 1/8
Monk's Hood 1/1

Series II:   which they have run also
The Virgin in the Ice 2/12
St. Peter's Fair N/A
The Devil's Novice N/A

Series III:  First Runs on PBS 
A Raven in the Foregate 1/22
A Morbid Taste for Bones 1/29
The Rose Rent 2/5

All are available for sale from them however.

Magnus Malleus, Elvegast, Atlantia, and the GDHorde

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