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Fw: [EK] Fw: [Mid] In Memory Of Jafar

Poster: "Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

passing along a memory....God rest him and may his journey be filled with

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Date: Sunday, January 04, 1998 4:54 AM
Subject: [EK] Fw: [Mid] In Memory Of Jafar

>-Poster: "Alderton, Philippa" <phlip@morganco.net>
>Apologies to those who mistakenly received the earlier posting. Following
>is the message I meant to send to those who are interested.
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>: Date: Saturday, January 03, 1998 16:44:34
>: From: Ernie Husted
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>: Subject: [Mid] In Memory Of Jafar
>: My wife and I have just returned from Jafar's funeral.  I had wanted to
>: share some of the feelings, observations and thoughts I had.  I hope this
>: helps those who could not attend to feel like they were a part of this
>: *  We arrived at the funeral home at 9:35 a.m. and the parking lot was
>: already about filled.  Soon the lot and side street were packed with
>: *  The downstairs lobby of the funeral home had standing room only with
>: people lined up in the doorway unable to enter.  A large group of people
>: were outside.
>: *  This may have been one of the largest gatherings of Middle Kingdom
>: in mundane clothing in history.
>: *  It is hard to recognize some of the S.C.A. folks in suits and mundane
>: clothing.  The trick was to just look at their face to realize where you
>: had seen them.
>: *  The ceremony was held downstairs with the Society folk all going
>: upstairs.  Upstairs there was one large room with a smaller room off to
>: left.  There were 200 people seated in the chairs with about 40 standing.
>: The smaller side room had 30 or so.
>: *  The sound system that was transferring upstairs what was going on
>: the service was very poor.  There was only a single speaker in the
>: Some of the loud background hum stopped when some of the overhead lights
>: were turned off.
>: *  For such a large group of people, you could have heard a pin drop as
>: everyone strained to listen.  Some of the service was heard while some
>: lost.  Everyone in the room was there for a single purpose.
>: *  Late in the service, another speaker was added to the room, which
>: some.  It was a nice speaker but the room was very large.
>: *  The room become very warm until the air conditioning was turned on.
>: This new noise level didn't help.  Folks with normal hearing may have
>: more than me.
>: *  There were so many cars going to the grave site that they ran out of
>: purple funeral flags you put on your car.
>: *  The drive to the grave site seemed much longer due to the amount of
>: in the procession.  Along the way folks stopped on the street or looked
>: from their house at the procession.  The line of cars went from as far as
>: you could see in front all the way out of sight in the back.
>: *  The traffic escort did a fine job trying to make sure the drive there
>: was as safe as possible.
>: *  I asked one of the traffic escort how many cars were in the
>: He told me 110 plus.  They had been expecting 60 to 80.
>: *  At the grave site the family was in a tent while the Society folks
>: formed up in a half moon in front.  The Society folks waited quietly
>: outside the tent until the family had said there last good-byes.  Then
>: Society folks slowly, quietly and reverantly passed by and said their
>: farewells.  There were flowers given out and folks laid them on the
>: *  The cemetery was smaller and very old.  It had a small river/stream
>: bordering the one side.  It was a beautiful site.
>: *  The day was overcast but not to cold.  When the service was over and
>: folks were walking back to their cars the sun broke through and shone
>: It seemed appropriate.
>: *  I saw all the qualities that I love about the S.C.A. in practice
>: Everyone was helpful, courteous and caring.  There was a mix of peers and
>: older members as well as newer folks.
>: *  Jafar's family treated the S.C.A. as part of his extended family.  I
>: one of his family come up and just talk with me and express the family's
>: gratitude for all the Society had done.
>: *  The folks at the funeral home did a great job handling perhaps one of
>: the largest groups of people they had ever had.
>: *  The handout at the funeral (I started to say flyer) had a picture of
>: Jafar taken in 1986.  He pretty much looked the same now as he did then.
>: The smile and twinkle in his eyes was there.
>: *  I served Jafar when he was the Earl Marshal as well as King.  I will
>: miss him very much.  I am glad I was able to go to the funeral and say my
>: good-bye.  Now I, along with the rest of the Kingdom, must figure out how
>: to best serve Kenna.
>: Erik Erikson the Scout          Potius Feodari Quam Morti
>:                                 "Better Dirty Than Dead"
>: From:  ernie@dnaco.net (Ernie Husted)
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